The Parasite Spiders, also known as 'Zlos' or 'Spiders' are the main antagonists of Botanicula. They are an invasive species and their goal is to destroy the Tree by consuming all its energy.

Appearance Edit

The Spiders have the appearance of a black matter bulge with tentacles that they use to walk or to absorb Tree's energy. Usually, the Spiders have small dimensions, but they can grow and change their body color to red by absorbing big amounts of Tree energy. Sometimes, the Spiders may have red or yellow eyes.

Abilities Edit

The Parasite Spiders have the so-far unique ability of absorbing Tree energy using their tentacles. They can absorb energy from plants, insects, branches of the Tree or absorb the energy in its pure state. However, the Spiders cannot absorb energy if it's very concentrated or in a great amount. If the Spider is too small, he will eventually kill himself. Whenever this happens to a Spider, he will turn white and transform into dust.

Spiders also have the ability of duplicating and of creating smaller spiders to serve as their minions.